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vanitas: Fashion Critique Journal

Editor: Hiroshi Ashida (Kyoto Seika University) and Daijiro Mizuno (KYOTO Design Lab)

language: Japanese
188mm x 117mm, 216-256 pages
Price: ¥1,800 (without tax)

back issues
No. 001 (ISBN978-4-99062780-5. 2012. out of stock)
Kunihiko Morinaga (ANREALAGE), Maiko Kurogouchi (mame), Masaya Chiba, MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp, Valerie Steele and others

No. 002 (ISBN978-4-908251-02-3. 2013. in stock)
Yoshinari Nishio, Seiichi Kitayama, coconogacco, Yoshikazu Nango, Institut Français de la Mode, vestoj and others
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N0. 003 (ISBN978-4-908251-03-0. 2014. in stock)
proef, Takeshi Yanagida, Akira Wakita+Shohei Matsukawa, Hiroko Hirayoshi, University of the Arts London, Caroline Evans and others
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No. 004 (ISBN978-4-908251-01-6. 2015. in stock)
Special Feature: Generativity of Archive. suzuki takayuki, Ryo Ishizeki+Miki Nanmoku, Dominick Chen), Europeana Fashion IPR Guidelines, Textiel Museum Tilburg, Timo Rissanen and others
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No. 005 (ISBN978-4-908251-06-1. 2018. in stock)
Special Feature: Fashion, Art and Design. Tomoumi Ono, Takahiro Fujita, Shiho Fukuhara, Yuna Tonegawa, Kazuya Kawasaki, Anni Namba, Kazunori Inoue, Johannes Reponen (ADDRESS) and others
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No. 006 (ISBN978-4-908251-11-5. 2019. in stock)
Special Feature: On Education, Research and Criticism of Fashion. Shigeaki Arai, Masato Inoue, Cecilia Raspanti/Fabricademy, Yoko Fujishima, Yuji Shikano, Tomoya Ohta, Yuuki Namba, Kazuya Kawasaki Dehlia Hannah and others
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Dead flowers meet broken dolls. Images from Araki’s private room.

softcover, 257mm x 257mm, 96 pages, 75 b/w illustrations
Price: ¥3,200 (without tax)
Publishng Date: May 2015
ISBN: 978-4-908251-00-9
Distributed outside Japan by Idea Books
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The sublime of nature. New Japanese landscape photography.
Recommended by Fumio Nanjo (director of the Mori Art Museum).

Author’s text from the book

I walked across the Japanese Alps, from the Sea of Japan to the Pacific Ocean.
My satisfaction upon arrival was due to a state of serenity, an internal quiet.
It was as deep as the ocean, spreading gently beyond my internal boundaries.
My senses had been sharpened by the extended time in the mountains, and as I walked I felt grateful even to the smell of the woods.
Faced with the overwhelming beauty of nature in front of me, I had nothing to say but thank you –
To give thanks is a prayer, as well as a point of entry into the ocean of silence.
The world can change completely based on a single point of perception.
(Translated by Yosuke Tanaka and Sawako Nakayasu)

Sayaka Takasaki
1982 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2005 Graduated from Hosei University

Solo Exhibitions
2013 The Portrait of Trees (gallery ecrunomori, Shizuoka), SNOW SUITES (Roppongi Hills Club, Tokyo)
2015 To the Ocean of Silence (gallery ecrunomori, Shizuoka), Landscape (Bunkamura Wall Gallery, Tokyo)

Artist’s Website
Gallery’s Website (gallery ecrunomori)

hardcover, 279mm x 406mm, 32 pages, 13 color illustrations
language: Japanese/English
Price: ¥5,000 (without tax)
Publishng Date: November 2016
ISBN: 978-4-908251-05-4
Distributed outside Japan by Idea Books
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